Welcome to Chernobyl and Eastern Europe - Chernobyl and Eastern Europe  

Welcome to Chernobyl and Eastern Europe

After a month of work, this site is finally live!  Since I am new to web design and development, it took some time to learn my way around Movable Type and Cascading Style Sheets.  And don’t get me started on the nightmare that was copying the original blog posts and comments over from Blogger!  They really need to become more user friendly over there.

Anyway, I think the new site was worth the effort.  Take some time to look around and get comfortable with the layout.  Just below the header is a navigation bar/menu.  All items work except for “Chernobyl” and “Eastern Europe”, which currently have no content.

The site Blog is a continuation of the original Blogger blog.  The Links page has quite a few links to other blogs, Chernobyl sites, and online translators.  The About page provides some information about me, and about plans for future content for this site.    You can reach me via the Contact page, or directly at mark@chernobylee.com.

The Articles page will contain links to subject-appropriate articles.  Currently, the only article is my Chernobyl trip report, that has been available for the past year on Nikongear.com.

The left sidebar has site search capabilities and a list of categories.  All blog posts and articles have been categorized, so this feature will allow you to find content based on particular topics.

This site is still a work-in-progress and may be unavailable for brief periods of time.  I will try to keep this activity to a minimum, but sometimes it will be unavoidable.

I hope you enjoy the new site.  Please feel free to send me your thoughts and suggestions regarding the site or any ideas you have for content, whether it be blog posts, articles or anything else.