Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Directory

Chernobyl Directory WebsiteLast week I started working on a cool project. The administrators at created a website that functions as a directory/address book of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, called "Virtual Pripyat." They have documented most of the buildings in Pripyat, as well as the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant, the town of Chornobyl, and many villages scattered throughout the Zone.

For the site’s address book, many former Pripyat residents have created accounts on the site and specified which buildings and specific apartments they used to live in.

Unfortunately, the site is currently only in Russian, which is a problem for some visitors. So last week I started translating some of the site’s identifiers and descriptions into English. Before you get too excited, my Russian-English translation skills are not the best, so I am using online translators and my own knowledge base about the area to get the job done. The translations will not be 100% accurate, but readers will be able to understand most of the descriptions.

The current plan is to get much of the content translated first, and then we will create an English-language interface. I have no idea when the English site will be available, but decided to let you know now and whet your appetite!

In the meantime, you can always indulge your curiosity by visiting the current Russian-language site. In case you have trouble finding your way around the site, here is a link to the Pripyat section.


Thank you Mark for your long-life help for project ! Already 2 or 3 years ! I proud such peoples who living on other side of the earth in USA. Great thank you
PS: Sorry for my bad English

Спасибо Vlad. Это было мое удовольствие помочь с, и надеяться продолжить вносить вклад в течение еще многих лет.