Monopoly World Edition - No Final Voting Results

Voting ended yesterday for the cities that will become part of the Monopoly World Edition board game. If you want to know the final results, you'll have to wait. The official Monopoly website says that the final results for the top 20 locations, along with the 2 wildcard cities (voting is now through March 9), will be posted "later this year."

Thanks Hasbro - you generated a lot of excitement with the vote, and now nothing, not even a timeframe. I can understand if they want to delay announcing the winners until after the wildcard voting concludes (or even a week or two later), but to say an announcement will come "later this year?" Come on, why can't you provide a timeframe for the announcement?

I'm not a marketing expert, but they created quite a buzz with the online voting, and I would imagine interest in this product will die off if they wait too long to announce the winners. If I was in charge of this promotion, I would wait to announce the final results until after the wildcard voting is done. During the following week, I would announce the two wildcard winners. For the next four weeks, I would announce the other winners, one day at a time Monday through Friday, in reverse order (from 20 to 1). This approach would extend interest and maintain suspense for an additional five weeks. Hasbro, are you reading this?


Great marketing plan, even though you say you're no expert. I especially love the idea of the announcement of the top 20 cities (1 a day) in reverse. Hasbro better be reading this!


PS. If they wait too long, I will lose interest in the purchase of a fine product.

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your post. I've been looking to change careers to something more writing and research-based, but perhaps I have a future in marketing. :-)

I'm just mad because I had been tracking Kyiv's progress throughout the voting, and who knows when I can find out if it was able to stay in the top 20 (Kyiv had reached #10, but fell to #19 right before they shut down the leaderboard with a week of voting left). I am also curious about the entire list - I hope they post total votes received by each city.