English Language “Virtual Pripyat” Website

Back in February, I wrote about a new project associated with Pripyat.com called “Virtual Pripyat”, a site that acts as an address book/directory of Pripyat and the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

Last spring I helped translate parts of the site into English and am pleased to say that, even though it is still a work-in-progress, the English-language version of "Virtual Pripyat" is now available (as you can see in the above screen shot). Note: you will see some Russian interspersed with the English.

English is currently limited to parts of the Pripyat and Chernobyl town directories, but it is a good start. Check it out when you get a chance - you may learn a little bit more about Pripyat or other towns/villages in the Zone. There are also a lot of great photos from both before and after the accident.


Great site mark, some interesting before and after photos on there, Pripyat to me seemed like a beautiful city and i would have loved to have seen it as it was back then. This site just makes me want to go back again, who knows one day ;)

Is there any benefit in creating an account on the site at all ?

Graham, Currently, people who register on the ""Virtual Pripyat" site can identify where they lived in the Zone (most are from Pripyat). Listing those addresses makes it easier for former friends and neighbors to find each other (and many have).

There is also another feature on the site called "Webtown", which is an online, make believe town located immediately next to Pripyat. Webtown is located in an area that was to be used for the further expansion of Pripyat. In Webtown, you can choose a flat to live in, if you choose.

Currently, there are 823 people registered on "Virtual Pripyat." 85% are from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. There is 1 person currently registered from the UK and 4 from the US (including me). The majority of registrants are former residents, though there are many people listed as "friends."

Honestly, I do not see much benefit for you to register right now. I am registered because I needed an account to work on the site.