Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Current Background Radiation Levels

Chernobyl NPPThe Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Information Department has released a new report about ongoing work at the facility. In addition to general information, the report provides background radiation measurements at several plant locations. The measurements are (in milli-Sieverts per hour):

  • Administration building - 0.41 mSv/hr
  • Visitor Center near the Sarcophagus (object "Shelter") - 6.93 mSv/hr
  • Local areas at the Sarcophagus (object "Shelter") - 40.0 mSv/hr

Photo by: Mond


Is the top one the 'Chernobylinterinforum' Administration building or the power plant ?

Also do they release any other readings from other areas? would be great to know who the levels are in pripyat and red forest etc.


Hey Graham,

The first measurement is at the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Administration building.

To the best of my knowledge, ChAES only tracks radiation readings at the plant. They do not have responsibility for any other areas of the Zone, so there is no reason for them to gather readings elsewhere.

Radiation measurements in other areas of the Zone such as Pripyat, the Red Forest, villages, etc. are gathered by numerous scientists and organizations. I know Chernobyl InterInform has information about radiation levels in Pripyat, but don't seem to make that information public. I know that information is tracked so CII knows if any areas become unsafe for visitors.

All Zone areas are difficult to nail down because radiation levels seem to fluctuate between seasons. On my trip 3 years ago in June, I remember wildly different radiation readings in Pripyat, such as (in micro Roentgens/hour):

– Dock behind Pripyat Cafe: 3,400 µR/hr
– Collapsed rubble at School #1: 1,008 µR/hr
– Amusement Park near Bumper Cars: 340 µR/hr
– One step from above Amusement Park measurement: 1,200 µR/hr

Shame other areas arent made public, im currently updating my site and would like to add readings to certain photos that i put online (approximations of course).

I remember a certain patch of moss right near the bumper cars that made our dosimeter beep rather alarmingly :)

Well, I think they've mixed something up. At least:

Visitor Center near the Sarcophagus (object "Shelter") - 6.93 mSv/hr

should be micro-Sievert/h (not milli-Sievert/h). That's
approx. what I measured there (using a Gamma-Scout). It
also corresponds to the reading of their own meter,
8.17 uSv/h. I have made a picture of this, it can be found,
among others, on my wikimapia entry about the visitor centre at

BTW, I have also added a picture showing a measurement of
the patch of moss:


I believe you are correct that the measurements should be micro, not milli.

FYI – I got the information from the official website of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. I did go back and verified that I did report the measurements correctly (as indicated by the plant's information department).

Thank you very much for your comment and pointing out the discrepancy.