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Reports that boxes at three polling stations contained more ballots than there were voters has delayed the release of official results from Croatia’s parliamentary election. The Croatian State Electoral Committee has announced that the vote will be repeated on December 9, only at those three polling stations.

Branko Hrvatin, President of the State Electoral Committee, indicated that they are legally bound to repeat the vote at those stations, even though those votes will not affect the overall election.

Official election results will be released on or after December 11.

With 99% of votes counted, the incumbent Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) holds a slim lead in Sunday’s Croatian parliamentary election. Preliminary results from the Croatian State Election Commission indicate HDZ leads with 34.78% of the vote, while the opposition Social Democrat Party (SDP) trails with 32.46%.

If these results hold, the structure of the new Parliament will be (seats by party):

  • Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) - 61
  • Social Democrat Party (SDP) - 56
  • Croatian Peasant’s Party (HSS)/Croatian Liberal Party (HSLS) Coalition - 8
  • Croatian People’s Party (HNS) - 7

Minorities are guaranteed 8 seats, and the remaining 12 will most likely represent the diaspora.

A parliamentary majority of 77 seats is required to govern. Both HDZ and SDP have begun coalition talks with potential partners to create a majority. President Stipe Mesic will ultimately decide who has the best chance of governing.