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Interview With A Liquidator - Part II

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Liquidators Prepare for Roof Reactor 3The second half of my interview with former Chernobyl liquidator Sergei B is now online. I have also added an extra paragraph to Part I - I forgot to mention that Sergei wrote a novel about his Chernobyl experiences. Currently, it is only in Russian, but Sergei hopes to translate it to English and publish it in the US. If Sergei is able to get an English-language copy of his story published, I will post all the information here.

Photo: (c) Corbis/Verlag Antje Kunstmann - Liquidators preparing to go on roof of Reactor 3

Interview With A Liquidator - Part I


Chernobyl Liquidators Roof Reactor 3Earlier this year I conducted an interview with a former liquidator who now lives in the US. In the summer of 1986, Sergei B. spent approximately one and a half months working on cleanup at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. His work included several trips to remove highly radioactive materials from the roof of Reactor 3.

Sergei recently consented to my posting our interview on this site. This two-part interview contains some fascinating revelations about why people volunteered to be liquidators, life as a liquidator in the Chernobyl Zone, life after completing service as a liquidator, and thoughts about the Soviet government’s handling of the accident and nuclear power.

It is my pleasure to present the first half of this two-part interview with a Chernobyl liquidator. Come back tomorrow for the conclusion of this intriguing interview.

Photo: © Igor Kostin/NOVOSTI - Liquidators on the roof of Reactor 3