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My friend Graham, who has been to Chernobyl two times, recently posted a link to this video on Facebook. It shows BBC reporter Stefan Gates reluctantly eating some soup and drinking some moonshine prepared by samosels living in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

It is often said that when traveling, you should never turn down food and drink offered by locals. In this case, these are poor people who grow their own food, are being hospitable and truly giving until it hurts. What would you do? Would you eat and drink what these samosels offered?

This second video shows Gates undergoing a full body scan that indicates he has above normal levels of radioactive contamination in his system. It seems to be a bit melodramatic:

Video - Chernobyl Zone/Pripyat: Winter 2006


This is a video shot by my friend Sasha during the editor's trip to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in February 2006. The video includes scenes from the checkpoints, Pripyat and samosels living in the village of Novo Sheplichi.

The samosels, Sava and Olena Obrazjey, returned to their home approximately two weeks after being evacuated in 1986. They are the only people living in the village - the very essence of an isolated existence. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting this couple in June 2006, several months after this video was shot. Sava and Olena continue living in Novo Sheplichi to this very day.