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100,000 Page Views

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Wow!  Chernobyl and Eastern Europe has now served up 100,000 page views. Not bad for a site that's only been online for 18 months covering a niche topic!

Thanks to all of you who have helped to make this a successful site. I truly appreciate everyone taking the time to visit Chernobyl and Eastern Europe and hope I have been able to provide you with some interesting stories and information.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions about topics you would like to see covered in the next year.

Thanks again for your support.


Chernobyl and Eastern Europe’s New Home


Welcome to the new home of Chernobyl and Eastern Europe.  It took longer than I anticipated, but the site is finally up and running.  Here is some information to get started:

The main site is at
The blog is now at

All the blog posts and comments from Blogger have been transferred, so you will be able to find your favorite posts here.

New Site Configuration

You will find a navigation bar/menu just below the site header.  For now, the “Chernobyl” and “Eastern Europe” items do not work because there is no existing content for those modules.

Besides the blog, there are also Links, About and Contact pages.  Finally, there is also an Articles page.  Currently, the only article is a copy of my Chernobyl trip report that has been available on for the past year (and will remain there for now).  It may seem strange to have the article in two places, however:

  • Articles I write should be on my own website
  • Since this article has a year-long established web presence at Nikongear, it would be wrong to remove it from that site (at least for now).
In the left sidebar you will see an area for categories - all blog posts and articles have been categorized.  This feature, will help you easily find content covering a range of topics.  The search bar can be used for general site searches.

Final Thoughts

This site is still a work-in-progress and may be unavailable for brief periods of time.  I will try to keep this activity to a minimum, but sometimes it will be unavoidable.

Now that this site is finally live, I plan to return to a regular schedule of writing new posts (and additional content).  I hope you enjoy the new site.  Please feel free to send me your thoughts and suggestions regarding the site or any ideas you have for content, whether it be blog posts, articles or anything else.

Site Change Update


Just a quick note about the recently announced site changes. There is an outside chance that the blog will be moved this weekend, but most likely, it will be next weekend. I will post the appropriate new URLs in the first post from the new site (there’s no content there right now, so there’s no reason to list it yet). Hope to see you there!

Update - Changes Are A-Comin’


First of all, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

This site has been quiet for a while because I decided to take a short break during the holidays, and to also work on a project - a new web site. That’s right ... I finally decided to create and maintain my own web site.

The name of the site is “Chernobyl and Eastern Europe.” Strange, that’s the name of this blog, too. The name is the same because ... this blog will be moving over to the new site within the next several weeks. That’s right, this blog is moving. Don’t worry, I’ll post the new URL several days before the move, and I also intend to set the old Blogger site to redirect to the new one. Those of you with a feed subscription should not need to make any changes. I run my feed through Feedburner, and will make the appropriate changes there when the site moves. Hopefully you won’t notice the difference.



This is a big moment for me. My first post on my very own blog. It's probably not a big deal to most (or all) of you, but it is to me.

So, why have I created this blog? The simple answer is that I would like to become a more serious writer and this blog can be an outlet for my writing. For years I have thought of becoming a freelance writer, and now I have some time to pursue this dream. To become a successful writer, people need to know you exist and be able to read what you write. So, here I am, ready for the world to hear what I have to say.

So, why Chernobyl and Eastern Europe? Writers are at their best when writing about subjects they care about. Right now, my interests are focused mostly on Chernobyl and Eastern Europe, so in this blog you will find information about anything and everything related to these subjects.

I am very excited about making this a fun and informative place for people to visit. If there is a subject or topic you feel should be discussed here, please let me know. I also write about the same subject matter at, so feel free to check out my articles if you have the time.