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Update - Changes Are A-Comin’


First of all, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

This site has been quiet for a while because I decided to take a short break during the holidays, and to also work on a project - a new web site. That’s right ... I finally decided to create and maintain my own web site.

The name of the site is “Chernobyl and Eastern Europe.” Strange, that’s the name of this blog, too. The name is the same because ... this blog will be moving over to the new site within the next several weeks. That’s right, this blog is moving. Don’t worry, I’ll post the new URL several days before the move, and I also intend to set the old Blogger site to redirect to the new one. Those of you with a feed subscription should not need to make any changes. I run my feed through Feedburner, and will make the appropriate changes there when the site moves. Hopefully you won’t notice the difference.

Ukraine Election Poll


With the Ukrainian Parliamentary election a mere two weeks away, I have decided to conduct a very unscientific poll. I want to get a feeling for people's opinions regarding which political group should win a majority of seats in the Verkhovna Rada.

I have published a poll in the Eastern European/Russian Affairs section of I have also provided a very brief description of the five major political groups in my latest Suite101 blog.

Since the election is on September 30, the poll will remain open through September 29. Please take a few moments to read up on the election and political groups, and then take a moment to vote in my poll.

If you do not see radio buttons on the poll's page, try the E. European/Russian Affairs topic page (at the bottom).

Thanks for your help.

Eastern European/Russian Affairs


I am very excited to announce that I have been named Feature Writer for Eastern European/Russian Affairs at

I'll bet you're wondering what that means and what it has to do with the content on this blog. Well, it means that I am in-charge of the Eastern European/Russian Affairs section of the Suite101 site. I will personally be writing at least one article and one blog entry per week for that section. Besides that, I will also be monitoring the discussion area and occasionally starting a poll (hint: look for one in the next several weeks regarding the upcoming parliamentary elections in Ukraine).